Frequently asked Questions.

How long does it take to install a new system

A New installation can take only a few days for a small church or chapel. Usually a mid size install would take 1 week. Where as a large church or Cathedral could take up to 4 weeks. We plan for 2, 3 or 4 Enginneers to complete the work depending on the size of install.

How does the 6 month FREE trial work?

This simply means that the main system and your system options are installed in your church as per the quotation you received. You now have your 6 month trial period where you can try out the system and fine tune your options so every thing works as you require. This trial period allows you to make sure the system you require is the system you have. At the end of the trial period we will issue the invoice for the system which you pay over 4x 6 monthly instalments. (by the way this is interest free, the 1st instalment needs to include the total VAT content if applicable though.)

What parts of the country do you cover.

We install complete systems all over the country from Cumbria to South of London. If you have a smaller job such as an Induction hearing loop or service repair in mind, we can always call when we are nearby, rather than make a special trip to see you This helps in keeping costs down as we may be able to split costs between two jobs. So whether you require a complete Sound System or repair work or an add on to your existing system we can probably help. But please contacts first to discuss things on phone or email.

How is the cabling fixed to our building

All cables that are not hidden are hot melt glued into position. This doesn't harm the fabric of the building and can be removed if required with no detriment to the surface.

The cable is then painted to match the surface in both colour and tint. (Very little stonework has an even colour throughout)

Are we shown how to operate the system.

Yes, you are instructed for the basic operation of the system along with best practise for the use of Radio microphones etc.

Having said that though all our systems are designed to be user friendly and automatic to a great extent. The design and equipment we use allows us to set the best options for your intended use and all you have to do is just switch on. With many Churches now having Music groups playing you can also control aspects that affect this so if you require more user integration the system handles this as well. One of the Benefits of a Digital Mixer is the option for us to Pre Program different settings (called Scenes). You then just press one button to recall the scene you require. Likewise if someone mistakenly mis-adjusts something, recalling the scene puts every thing back to normal.

How easy is it to operate the sound system.

As mentioned in the previous Question, the system will be set up and adjusted by our Sound Engineers when installed. All you are required to do is power on the system ready for use.

We often play CD's so do we need to be near the system to be able to use the CD Player.

One of the options we offer is a Radio remote system upgrade for the CD player. This allows you to operate the CD with its supplied remote but from anywhere within the building. So you dont have to be near to the System / CD player to be able to operate.

Without the upgrade you can still operate the CD as you would normally so you would need to be positioned near to the CD player.

Can we plug Ipods etc into the System.

Yes thats not a problem. We will supply you with the necessary leads you require that will allow you to play an ipod or MP3 player through the system.

We can fit input points in positions within the nave or Chancel or wherever you prefer, that you can use for this purpose.

My Gulbranson DH100 Hymnal is faulty, can you help

We probably can, please contact us first but we keep spares and accessories in stock still for these units. New power supplies and Remote controls can be posted to you if you require.

As we used to supply these we may even be able to help if yours develops a fault. Our engineers have a good working knowledge of common problems that may crop up. Please contact us to see if we can help.Contact us here

Can you provide me with a Demonstration of the HT300+ Digital Hymnal

Yes we can, please see the digital hymnals page for all the information regarding setting up a demonstration.

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration and trial period so you can try out the HT300 at first hand.

You have quoted for our new sound system but we cant see why we need so many loudspeakers

Because all Large open buildings exhibit reverberation when sound is introduced. This effect is made worse by having to use the loud volumes of sound from just one or two speakers mounted at the front of the area being served. For intelligible speech this reverberation can cause problems. We install more, smaller loudspeakers that run at lower volume levels, so keeping reflected sound to a minimum, and carefully setting the angle of the loudspeaker to cover just the area required. The other alternative is to use Digitally steerable column speakers although the cost of these is prohibitive to only but a few of the more wealthy buildings.

Our Lapel Radio Microphone has stopped working can you install a replacement for us.

Yes we can, please contact us to to arrange a call. It may be worth checking that both the Lapel transmitter pack and the associated receiver are both working and that both display the same frequency or channel. Also make sure your mixer hasn't been misadjusted and that the appropriate channel level and/or gain control is at the correct position.