Audio Visual Projection Systems

We are now installing projection systems into many Churches and Chapels as they widen their audience and hold public events such as music evenings and presentations. A Projection system can offer many more options and is a very usefull addition to Church services. Lyrics and slides can be projected for the congregation to see. The Projectors can be mounted out of sight and electric screens can be dropped into position only when required. The Hymn Technology HT400+ digital hymnal has a video output option that can show the lyrics to the Hymn as you listen to the Hymnal. [requires lyric text adding]

  • Double Drop screen test

  • A Double motor screen is required when the screen has to be fitted out of site at height, in this case the screen was fitted behind the Chancel arch. If there the Arch or fixing position is appropriate a single motor screen can be used as shown below. If the wall is of good quality and colour a projector can be used without a screen and project straight onto the wall.

  • Projection screen

    Single motor screen

  • Epson Projector

    Projector & image

  • Laser Projector

    Projector and Screen

  • Live streaming camera


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    We have now installed systems all over the country ranging from Cumbria to London. Some of our Larger installs can be seen in such places as St Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham. We have recently installed a system in St Botolphs - Boston Stump.

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