Church Sound system Service & Repairs.

Problems with your Sound System? we can help.

Even if you haven't got a Keystone Sound System installed we can help if you are having problems. There are many types of fault that can cause problems within your church ranging from cables being damaged by mice to water damage and general failure of electronic equipment. As all electronic items age they can start to exhibit faults and problems. Just fill in our reply form on the contacts page with as much information as possible and we will get back to you with some options. Its worth checking before hand that all the units of your system are powered up and if the problem is with a radio microphone that the microphone is not muted and showing the correct channel/frequency. If you are experiencing low or too high volume on a particular microphone, check the mixer hasn't been miss adjusted. If you have a problem with your Gulbranson DH100 Hymnal or a Hymn Technology HT400 Hymnal please contact us as we can also help you with these. Some faults can be down to general wear and tear such as broken cables on lapel radio microphones. Many people seem to tightly wind the cable around the transmitter pack resulting eventually in a broken cable. We always inform our customers to be careful when packing away the lapel microphones and to leave a good loop of cable free before tidying the cable.

  • Wrong wayDont wind cable tight.
  • Correct wayLeave a loose loop of cable.
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    Keystone Sound Systems have our own in house Engineers and workshop facilities. Rather than return all faulty equipment to the manufacturers for repair we can repair many items ourselves. Some faults will have to be returned to the manufacturer as specialist equipment is needed for some repairs.

    Covering the Country

    We have now installed systems all over the country ranging from Cumbria to London. Some of our Larger installs can be seen in such places as St Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham. We have recently installed a system in St Botolphs - Boston Stump.