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Our no obligation visit to discuss your new sound system is only the start. Please read on and find out about the Free 6 month trial of your own sound system installed in your Church. If you already have a church sound system, we can undertake repairs and maintain your system for you. We will advise on the feasibility of expanding or modifying your system, where you feel it necessary and now that the Disabilities and Discrimination act requires all public buildings to make a reasonable effort to cater for the disabled including the hard of hearing, an induction loop system could well be an invaluable addition. This process will involve visits to your church, which will be free of charge. You could perhaps join our family of satisfied customers or enquire from any of them about our services. We are very proud of our record to date and are recognised as approved installers by the Anglican diocese of both Lincoln, Ely and York and the Catholic diocese of Nottingham. Included within this site is a list and several examples of sound installations from a wide range of churches and counties, allowing you to browse both local churches and similar churches to your own.

All our systems are designed around your needs. So can be a fully automatic digital system with hardly any user attention required or can be a Live mixing style system where the operator has full control over all aspects but coupled with a fail safe recovery system should it be required.

If you are considering the introduction of a sound reinforcement system, we provide the following services:-

** Update ** Due to Diocese / Faculty requirements cable fixing must be in line with 18th edition wiring regulations regarding high level cables and all equipment must be PAT tested and issued with a Testing frequency dependant on the equipment installed. This is all included within the prices quoted for your system.

1. We will visit your church and discuss your requirements and offer advice to your Churchwardens and members of the P.C.C.

2. Arrange a visit to one of our systems already installed at a church near you.

3. After further discussions we will produce a detailed estimate (showing the cost of each item) and listing alternatives, along with a detailed specification including any photographs and plans that may be required outlining our installation procedures. Although this document should be sufficient for you to obtain either a temporary license from the Archdeacon or a full faculty from the Diocese Advisory Committee, we will if necessary meet the Archdeacon or his representative on site for the further clarification of any points. There will be no charge for this service.

4. A temporary installation is then undertaken at no charge to you and with absolutely no obligation on your part to purchase any of the items. It is a genuine No obligation to purchase contract. However, as we have no control over third parties security, we ask you to ensure that all materials and equipment left on your premises either during the installation or trial period are covered by your insurance at your expense.

5. The trial period normally lasts for a maximum of six months, during which time we will liaise with you in order to adjust or fine tune the system to your requirements. This trial period will include at least one visit from ourselves to a typical service, which will enable us to judge the overall performance of the system.

6. If, after the trial period is completed, you decide to purchase any or part of the system, we will produce a detailed specification for you to submit to the D.A.C. in order to obtain a faculty.

7. Having obtained a faculty for the installation, only then will an account be tendered.

8. We are ever mindful of the need to protect the fabric of the building and also to supply materials that will blend in with the architecture, with this in mind loudspeaker size is kept to a minimum and are, along with all visible cabling, painted to match the colour of the surface upon which they are mounted. Lectern and Pulpit microphones are mounted on stained and 'sculptured' boards, these and other methods are put into place to ensure that the integration of new technology with these ancient buildings is achieved with the minimum of intrusion. Attention to detail is our watchword. Read more about this in Church Sound System Installation.

Remember you also get a Free 6 month Trial of your own Sound System in your church and interest free payments over 2 years.

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Please take the time to browse our website as some of the example photographs give an insight to the trouble Keystone Sound Systems go to in order to match up to our own high standards of design and installation. For example many church sound system installation companies install the hearing loop cables in full view, often just clipped onto the surface or glued around doorways etc. Keystone pride ourselves on the discrete cabling of the loop cable, even to colouring the cable to match its background, as we do with all other cables we install that are not hidden. Have a look at the photographs at the bottom of this page for an example.

No Extras or nasty surprises.

All included

Once we have prepared your quotation every item is listed and options and choices can be easily added or removed. We include everything in the quote so you will have no unexpected surprises. Flexibility is included so you can adapt and change your choices easily. Unlike some quotations you may receive we don't add any extra costs to cover things like waste removal, old equipment removal and even breaks due to unexpected services. We understand you may have unscheduled services but we can plan our work around these as soon as you let us know.

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Bespoke Secure System Cabinets.

Small Cabinet

We manufacture our own bespoke security cabinets to house all the system components safely and securely. We produce a standard cabinet as can be seen in the picture or can produce a bespoke cabinet to suit the installation being planned. Here is a page with more information and sample photographs.