Bespoke Secure Sound System Cabinets.

As many Churches are left open to the public throughout the day, Keystone Sound Systems manufacture our own bespoke high security cabinets to house the Sound System. This keeps the equipment secure but with easy access when required. As we manufacture these in our own workshop from scratch, we can design and produce the exact cabinet required for your chosen sound system.

Alternatively we often use veneered cabinets to suit the interior of your church, two examples shown here. These are manufactured by Turning Leaf with standard and bespoke options.

  • Made for your System to suit your Church.


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    We often install our equipment into a purpose built steel cabinet which is designed and built on site in our own workshops. This enables us to make a cabinet to suit the intended site in both size and finish. With welded seams and overlapping lids and doors these cabinets are secure but still allow easy access to the equipment if required. Constructed from mild steel, formed into the sides and rear and then seams welded to finish. Internal supports are then welded in place for the intended equipment. Many of the Rural or smaller churches suffer from damp conditions so all our cabinets are coated with a rust proof primer then finished in a black or beige satin top coat. The access lid and door are either removable or hinged. This allows easy access even when the cabinet is sited in a confined space.

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    With our combined knowledge of over 100 years in the Electronics, Sound/Vision, Computing and Installation industries we have specialised on Church Sound Systems for the past 20 years. From running two A/V based business's side by side for a number of years the move to Church Sound installations took place. We have installed systems throughout the country ranging from Cumbria to Kent. Some of our larger installations can be seen in such places as: St Barnabas Cathedral Nottingham, St Botolphs Boston Stump, St Stephen Walbrook London and Blackfriars Priory Oxford, along with many churches and chapels ranging from Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Too many to list here so please have a look at the Location maps page and the search page. You can easily find one nearby or an installation of a similar size to your requirements showing examples of our work.

    Installations Large and Small

    • St Barnabas Cathedral Nottingham
    • Blackfriars Priory Oxford
    • St Botolphs Boston.
    • Gallery Page here.

    Other Services offered

    Manufactured in House

    • Bespoke Size, Shape and Finish
    • Made to fit your needs
    • Variety of Finishes
    • Securely holds all equipment
    • Easy access only to items required