Interactive map of Keystone Sound Systems Installations

Double click on the map to zoom in to a particular area, Hover over the K for information. If there are photographs available click on the K then click the Link text. Or Click this link for a searchable list of installs. Search Page

Hover over a 'K' icon to see the church name, Postal Code and if Photographs are available.

The 'K' map above shows the Keystone Sound System installs. See the Digital Hymnal page for our map of Hymnal installs. Hover over the K to see the Church, post code and if photographs are available. Then Click on the K to see what system and links to Photographs. Locations shown are approximate.

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Covering the Country

We have now installed systems all over the country ranging from Cumbria to London. Some of our Larger installs can be seen in such places as Mount Saint Bernard Abbey Leicestershire and St Dominics Priory London.

Jobs Large and Small