Visual/Projection and Live Streaming systems.

Live and on Demand Audio/Visual Streaming.

  • Auto streamingAuto Streaming
  • Over the last two years we have received more interest in the possibility of live and on demand digital video streaming services to such platforms as YouTube and Facebook. This is something we have integrated into our repertoire of services. All that is required is a stable broadband/fibre internet connection at the church location. Although, there are units available that utilise the 4G/5G network if there is sufficient signal. Our simple to use installation of an automatic live streaming encoder and a feed from an installed HD camera, whether it be a fixed zoom camera or fully controllable PTZ camera will enable you to get started and stream live content to your own YouTube page. A simple push button to start the stream or in the case of some of our installed digital audio systems, the stream can be started by a press of a button on your installed control panel. We can also provide video switching equipment that allows multiple camera inputs and other input sources such as a laptop for images, presentation or hymn lyrics to be included in the video stream. In addition to this we can also install units that enable you to record the live stream broadcast to an external hard drive giving you the ability to store the broadcast and edit to suit before either uploading or distributing.

  • Laptop streamingLaptop Streaming
  • If you already stream from a laptop we can integrate this into the system so you still operate the laptop just the same but your video feed will be from a better quality installed HD camera with sound fed from your existing installed audio system so you can continue to stream via Zoom or your preferred platform. To reiterate we can install a simple one button turn on and stream system, a system that enables multiple camera feeds and other input sources or opt for an install that enables you to continue using your laptop to stream as you do now. Please contact us if you require a visit and advice/quotation for updating or a new installation. Please enquire with you own church administrators and Diocese websites regarding copyright. If you are streaming to Youtube or Facebook they already have some licensing attached as long as you adhere to their terms and conditions.

    Please contact us if you require a visit and advice/quotation for updating or a new installation. Contact Page.

    Live video feed to Hall.

    Visual systems

    We can install a Live Video feed to screens in the church if the view is restricted or to separate rooms. By Installing a fixed camera in the church we can relay the service through to a projection screen or Monitor screens. We also often fit a connection point so Video content can be viewed independently for use when the room is hired out for instance.

    The photograph shows a Projector mounted in the ceiling and an electric drop down screen mounted at one end of a Community Hall which is part of a Church in Leicester. We fitted a HDMI input point in the hall for the users to use the Projector separately.

    A step up from this is integrating the camera to enable a Live stream to the internet. If you don't have any camera's installed we can install one or more along with the equipment for live streaming.

    Specialist Speaker installations

    Organ loudspeakers

    An example of some of the more specialist work we do is supplying the Altus 300 range of speakers along with Yamaha Sub woofers and Yamaha amplification to provide sound of sufficient volume and quality for the new computer based electronic church organs. With multiple channels of audio being fed into multi channel amplification and then to a number of Altus 300's and also Sub woofers to accommodate the lowest frequencies. We have recently installed 8 x Altus 300's and 2 x Yamaha Subwoofers on Trial in a local church for demonstration and testing of a new Electronic Church Organ.

    Temporary Over spill sound / Outside sound.

    outside speakers

    We can Hire you additional sound equipment, catering for the larger ceremonies where overspill is expected, complete with the reassurance of an engineer on hand to assemble, operate and disassemble for added peace of mind. If you have a Keystone Sound System in your church we can feed directly from the system all sound sources so people outside can hear exactly the same as the people within the church. If you have your own Sound system already we can usually take a feed from this for the exterior sound but may need to inspect you system to make sure there is a suitable connection available.

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    Covering the Country

    church sound systems uk

    We have now installed Audio systems all over the country ranging from Cumbria to London. Some of our Larger installs can be seen in such places as St Barnabas Cathedral in Nottingham and St Botolphs - Boston Stump. See the Gallery page for photographs

    Things you can do

    Powered Speakers

    Powered Speakers

    Yamaha Powered speakers can provide excellent quality sound reproduction fed only from a line level signal and a mains power point. We use these for the HT400 Hymnal where there is no sound system available or when we need a temporary sound system.